C. Bechstein

Founded in 1853 by Carl Bechstein in Berlin, C. Bechstein has been recognized for the finest craftsmanship. With technological advances, constant design improvements and endorsements by masters such as Franz Liszt and Hans von Bülow, C. Bechstein became the number one piano-maker in the world.

C. Bechstein’s position as the authority in piano-making is evident from the number of royalties it supplied pianos to. Queen Victoria, Tsars of Russia, the royal families of Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Denmark, and other royalties and aristocrats were all patrons of C. Bechstein. Even in contemporary music, C. Bechstein has been a great influence; played and recorded in albums of artists such as The Beatles, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Elton John and Oscar Peterson.


  • 5’ 7” showcase model of C. Bechstein Lush that is known as the best among the small grand pianos in the world.
  • Full singing tone, with outstanding performance and unequalled excellence in its structure and design, forged by the elite of German piano building.



Elegant and Beautiful, Perfect For the Concert Hall

  • Brilliant and clear tone
  • Keyboard and action assembly responds to subtle variation of touch
  • Effortless playability and control with broad tone colour range and clear sound
  • Excellent touch that transmit even the smallest vibration of keys