Kurzweil – The Future of Music

Ray-awards-handmade-Grammy-Awards-posterLATEST: Ray Kurzweil receives 2015 Technical Grammy Award for outstanding achievements in music technology. Click to read more.

As the leading retailer of musical instruments, CRISTOFORI Music is home to many of the world’s most prestigious and well-known piano, guitar, violin and other musical instrument brands. Coming soon to the home of CRISTOFORI is a key player in the world of synthesizers. Kurzweil, a brand founded in 1982 by world-renowned American scientist, inventor, author and futurist Raymond Kurzweil, is well-known for producing the world’s first synthesizer to successfully emulate the complex sound of a grand piano. 

img_ray_kurzweilAlmost 30 years now, Kurzweil continues to be a driving force in the music industry and CRISTOFORI is proud to be the sole distributor of Kurzweil, now owned by leading Korean music instruments maker, Young Chang. The dazzling list of Kurweil users include Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, David Bowie, Eddie Van Halen and many more legendary artists! Be prepared as CRISTOFORI brings you into the digital realm of music with some of the most exhilarating synthesizers and keyboards of Kurzweil.

Raymond Kurzweil, described as the “Restless Genius” by the Wall Street Journal, the “Ultimate Thinking Machine” by Forbes Magazine and “one of the 16 revolutionaries who made America” along with other inventors of the past two centuries by the American television station PBS.



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