Real Acoustic Piano with Silent & Digital Multi-Function

As a musician, you often feel that practice time is never enough. Between your hectic schedule and your bustling social life, the only time left for piano practice may be late at night. In Singapore’s city landscape, it is difficult to play music in the wee hours of the morning without disturbing your neighbors. With the GENIO silent system, you can enjoy boundless freedom and enjoyment of music at any time of the day.

When the silent system is activated, a mute rail prevents the hammers from hitting the strings. Using highly sophisticated sensors, even the most subtle movements of the keys are captured and transmitted to you through headphones.

Enjoy freedom of music making with these exciting features:

Sophistication with Visual Appeal


  • Slim and sleek slide out design
  • Modernistic touch screen interface

The Best of both Acoustic and Digital Pianos

  • 128 polyphony for advanced repertoire
  • 17 preset, 128 GM sounds (additional 16 user-set for Premium)
  • 8 Reverb effects to allow for greater freedom of expression
  • Transpose function to allow playing with other instruments
  • Pedal sensors for a more realistic playing experience

Enhanced Connectivity


  • Record to a computer and play back with compatible MIDI devices to review your performance
  • 2 Headphone jacks to allow for duet playing, one-to-one lessons or serenading your loved one
  • Audio in to receive music from another connected device to play along with audio files
  • Audio out to connect to a stereo or sound system
  • MIDI out via USB connection to computer to use your piano as a MIDI controller
  • USB port for memory stick*

If you are still not convinced, the hyper-realistic sound and sensitivity makes you doubt that you are using a silent system!

GENIO system can be retrofitted to almost all upright pianos, even years after the original purchase. No matter what brand or model of piano you choose, you can enjoy the authenticity of playing an acoustic piano with the versatility of a digital piano at any time of the day.

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GENIO silent system is priced from $1,199** (Basic) and $1,499** (Premium)

*GENIO Premium only    **Excl. transport and installation fees