Suzuki Digital Pianos

SSP-88 Digital Studio Piano


SSP-88 Digital Studio Piano New!
Beautiful and Powerful for Home or Stage

The new Suzuki SSP-88 Digital Studio Piano is an excellent choice for use with the Suzuki SPL-10 classroom lab system. As a standalone piano for your school, church or right at home, it is both beautiful and functional.

Affordably priced, the SSP-88 features an 88 note Graded Hammer Action key bed. Three sensitivity settings are available to dial in just the right feel for practice or performance.

The new SSP-88 is easy to operate and features on-board Song Recorder, Tone Mixing, Split Keyboard and DSP effects. 128 voices include an amazing Grand Piano Voice and 64 note polyphony. No dropped notes on the SSP-88 when playing quickly. Also includes transpose, built-in play along songs, metronome, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and much more.

Elegant yet durable, the new SSP-88 with matching bench is the perfect instrument for school or home environments.


Number of Keys 88 Key, Graded hammer action, Velocity Sensitive
Polyphony 64 Note Polyphony with sound effects engaged
Voices 128 General MIDI voices available for MIDI playing
Rhythm Styles 100 Styles with Variations, Start/Stop, Synchro, Fill In, Intro/Ending
Auto-Accomp. Auto Bass Chord with Single, Fingered and Piano fingering Mode
Controls Master Volume, Accomp. Volume, Tempo, Transpose, +Yes/-No, Page up/Page down
Touch Control Soft, Normal, Hard, Fixed
Demonstration 13 Songs
Play Along Song 50 songs, right, left and both hands playing with grading feature
Metronome On/Off
Tempo Range 40 to 240
Setup Menu Drum kit, Reverb and Chorus level, Touch, Split Point, Auto A. Split, Harmony Type, Master Tune, Vocal Grade, Local, Reset
Recorder 4 User Songs with 3 Tracks
Display 16-Character LCD
Pedals Sustain & Soft
Connections Mic Input, 2-Headphone Jack’s (Teacher & Student), Audio In, Audio Out, A/C In, MIDI In/Out, USB Port, Bluetooth Compatible
Power In 12-16V DC 2.5A
Weight 105 lbs. Packaged in 2 boxes that include: 1. Piano and Stand  2.Bench
Dimensions 53.5 W x 14.5 D x 29.5 H (inches)
Included Hardware Matching Bench, Power cable, USB Cable, iPad Adapter, and Songbook, Manual, easy assembly guide


SCP-88 Composer Piano


SCP-88 Composer Piano New!
Beautiful and Powerful for Home or Stage

The SCP-88 is a Suzuki Composer Piano that is not only beautiful to look at, but performs like a pro! The Suzuki SCP-88 is housed in an elegant and stylized cabinet. The compact size and clean lines will fit any room in your home!

Whether you’re just starting out or perform professionally, the Suzuki SCP-88 offers exciting performance features found on instruments that cost much more. Compare features and the SCP-88’s sleek design to see for yourself why Suzuki’s SCP-88 is an exceptional value not available from any other manufacturer today.


Keyboard 88-key hammer action keyboard
Touch Sensitivity Key Touch: 127 levels, 4 selectable velocity curves
Keyboard Mode Whole, Dual, Split, Twin piano
Voice Mode Main, Multi-Tone of 4 voices with 15 pre-sets and 5 user sets, Keyboard percussion
Max. Polyphony 128
Voice 24 voices in 5 groups
Master Tuning 415.3–466.1 Hz (adjustable in increments of 1 cent)
Transpose -6 – +5 in semitones
Sound Effects Reverb, Chorus, Equalizer, String resonance, Pedal resonance
Metronome Tempo – Quarter note per minute: 20–250, Time Signature- 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8
Recorder 20 Types, Controls – Play/Stop, Tempo, Volume
Auto Chord
99 Types, Fingering Mode Standard (31 Chord types), Single fingering Mode (7 Chord types), Controls – Play/Stop, Tempo, Volume
Built-in Song 15 Songs, Right and left hand exercise
Function set Keyboard touch response, Master tuning, Local switch, Equalizer, Auxiliary Volume, String resonance, Pedal resonance, Auto save
Speakers 2 Speaker, Stereo Sound Delivery System
Display 16-Character backlit LCD
Controllers Master Volume, Accompaniment Volume
Connectors DC IN, Stereo audio In/Out, USB, MIDI IN/OUT, Headphones X2, Bluetooth
Power Output 15W x 2
Dimensions 54.25(W) x 17.75(D) x 33.5(H) inches
Included Hardware Matching Bench, Power cable, USB Cable, iPad Adapter, and Songbook, Manual, easy assembly guide


MDG-300 Micro Grand


MDG-300 Black Micro Grand Digital Piano New!
Beauty and Brains Morph into Amazing Entertainment Center!
Your Home Wants One…

Good looks and hi-tech don’t always go hand in hand but the newest addition to the Suzuki family of Micro, Mini and Baby Grand Digital Pianos is an amazing combination of performance features and stunning appearance. Available in high gloss black polish the new MDG-300 is perfectly portioned and will add both warmth and charm to your personal environment. Measuring only 2′-4″ deep, it comfortably fits any room size or décor.

Technically speaking, the MDG-300 has enhanced performance features not found on any Digital Grand Piano in its price range. A full complement of hi-tech features allow for endless musical possibilities. Sporting Bluetooth compatibility, you can access music, lessons and demonstrations from the internet any way you choose. A true full colour LCD control screen makes it easier to organize your selected features. Only the most advanced synthesizers boast 128 note polyphonies for incredible full bodied sound. The MDG-300 includes this advanced feature. The piano voice is an amazing 24Mb of powerful sound reproduction played through a 6 way stereo sound system. Create your own original compositions with the on-board 3 track music sequencer. Save and store to the Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card.

The new MDG-300 is a complete entertainment center. It blends perfectly into today’s modern living space and lifestyle. Whether you are just starting out or an accomplished musician, the MDG-300 is ready to perform for you. Try one soon and see why you, and your home,
will want one!


Cabinet Size 2′-4″
Keyboard 88 Key. Graded hammer action. Velocity Sensitive
Polyphony 128 Note Polyphony with sound effects engaged
Voice 122 selectable voices. 128 General MIDI voices available for MIDI playing
Voice Mode Main. Multi-layer for 4 voices with 6 presets. Keyboard percussion
Rhythm Styles< 100 Styles with Variations. Start/Stop. Synchro. Fill In. Intro/Ending. the track volume is adjustable
Auto-Accomp. Auto Bass Chord with Single. Fingered and Piano fingering Mode
Arpeggio 4 pre-sets types. Quantize. Octave and Style are selectable
Controls Master Volume. Accomp. Volume. Tempo. Transpose. Cursor control. +/-
Demo Songs 14 built-in demo songs
Play Along Song 55 songs. right. left and both hands playing with grading feature
Sound Effects Digital Reverb and Chorus (Various Types) String Resonate, Damper Resonate
Equalizer Adjustable with 10 Graphic Faders
Metronome On/Off. Assignable beat. Sound and volume. Tempo Range 40 to 240
Registration 10 Registration Memories(including Sequence Registration)
Setup Menu Master Tune. Reverb and Chorus type. Reverb and Chorus level. Split points. Harmony type. Touch Control. Pedal. Metronome. Reset
Recorder 3 Tracks. 4 User songs. songs can be saved in the SD Card
SD Card Support SMF Format file. Play all. Save. Repeat playing mode. Delete
Pedals Sustain. Sustenuto. Soft. the function of the middle pedal is assignable
Speakers 6 Speakers. Stereo Sound Delivery System
Connections Mic Input. Headphone Jack. Audio In. Audio Out. A/C In. MIDI In/Out. USB Port, Bluetooth compatible
Display 4.3″ true colour LCD (480 x 272 dots)
Power Output 60W x 2
Weight 218 lbs. Packaged in 1 box that includes piano, legs/pedal assembly and bench
Dimensions 55 W x 30 D x 35.5 H (inches)
Included Hardware Matching Bench, Power cable, USB Cable, iPad Adapter, DEMO DISK CARD w/80 pre-loaded songs, and Songbook, Manual, easy assembly guide