Violin Fundamentals Course

Designed for students from age 5 years old and above. The violin’s popularity is due to its extreme expressiveness: it can perform both slow, lyrical melodies as well as dazzling, rapid passages with equal effect.
CRISTOFORI violin course educate students to appreciate and play music, learn to concentrate to focus, build up self-esteem and discipline, and encourage and nurture environment for students.

We prepare students with some or no previous music knowledge for a successful music learning experience and develop a broad base of musical skills and concepts through violin playing.

Level Lesson Duration Course Duration

30 minutes (Individual)

8-10 months
Student will enjoy 10 individual coaching lessons and 1 Ensemble Lesson in each term as planned in the CRISTOFORI Academic Calendar.

Violin loan service is available at all CRISTOFORI Music Schools, enquire with a CRISTOFORI Music School near you today.