Built to Inspire

Made to Harmonise

The new CRISTOFORI CDP-3 encloses the latest technology in a contemporary slim design cabinet that imparts an acoustic piano-like presence.

Unique Heritage, Sound Philosophy

We believe that the most important factor behind a musical instrument is the ability to express the player’s originality and creativity to the fullest.
Pianistic Expression

Putting priority on the pianistic expression and making the power at the player’s fingers has been the philosophy behind the making of piano, acoustic or digital alike.

From 1980-2018

38 years of unique heritage and musical culmination has defined our distinctiveness, creativity and passion in developing a modelling technology for CRISTOFORI Digital Piano CDP-3.

Sophisticated Algorithms

The creation of sophisticated algorithms to simulate absolute fidelity with the dynamics of the physical and acoustic phenomena that generate the sound philosophy of CRISTOFORI Digital Piano.

Authentic Grand Piano
Keyboard Feel

CDP-3 authentic grand piano keyboard feel reproduces the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. Inspired by the world’s finest graded hammer action keyboard FATAR™ from Italy, the 88 keys are smooth to play and have the desired sensitivity that faithfully conveys the softest pianissimo and the most thundering fortissimo.

88 Inspiring Sounds

Enjoy a wide range of powerful and expressive sounds featuring grand piano, electric piano, organs, guitar and orchestra instruments. These sounds can be coupled in “Dual”, “Split” and “DUO” modes for endless possibilities as far as your musical inspiration brings you.The grand piano sound in CDP-3 is characterised by its richness and versatility to play all genres of music from Classical to Pop and Jazz.

Clarity & Natural Resonance

When playing a grand piano you experience the psychoacoustics of a typical spread of sound in space. Two speakers are placed below the piano keyboard in a resonant, wood enclosed sound amplification system. The reproduction of 3-dimensional clarity and definition can be attributed to the power of the 25W x 2 amplifiers. This gives both the player and listener the realistic and expressive power experience of an acoustic piano.


MP3 Player

With built in MP3 player and a USB port for instant connection, playback and record, this built-in feature is great for learning and making music and open a universe of music education, composition and recording possibilities. Playback or record your favorite music for an empowering your music playing experience with versatility and enjoyment.

Bluetooth Connection

The latest CDP-3 is equipped with Bluetooth feature that wirelessly connect with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and you can enjoy stream audio from the music stored in your mobile device through the piano speakers – and play along the piano along with the music is fun. Or simply use it a your powerful Bluetooth speaker system

29 Rhythm Patterns

We carefully selected 29 types of the world’s favorite rhythms from Ballad, Waltz to Hip Hop and Bossa Nova, as you play along with melodies, transforming simple music into gorgeous pieces.



  • 88 Keys
  • FATAR Graded Hammer Action
  • Matte black and white key tops


  • 88 GM Sampled Sounds
  • 189 Polyphony
  • Split, Layer, Duo


  • 29 Styles (Auto Accompaniment)



  • Metronome 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8
  • Tempo 50~240
  • Transpose -12 ~ 0 ~ +12
  • Tuning -50Hz ~ +50Hz (390Hz~490Hz)


  • 88 Demo Songs


  • Approximately 5,000 Notes


  • Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain


  • Reverb


  • 1/4” Standard and 1/8” Mini Stereo Headphone Jack
  • USB To Host (MIDI)
  • MIC Input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Port (MP3 Player)


  • 25W + 25W


  • Rosewood Exterior
  • Sliding Key Cover
  • Music Rest


  • 1395mm (W) x 960mm (H) x 415mm (D)
  • Weight 55kg


  • Bench
  • AC Adaptor